Oxygen skin rejuvenation

Features of Almighty Oxygen Jet (1st generation), skin rejuveantion equipment,o2xyspa beauty equipment

1) Oxygen fluid: cure all kinds of itch, sensitive skin, neurodermatitis, touch 
dermatitis and etc through massage with oxygen and extracts

2) Lymph rolling: through suction, make lymphatic pipes and blood circulation smooth and remove rubbish and toxins

3) Oxygen plus: through oxygen input without needle pressure to induct the pure oxygen and special facial exacts into cuticle funds to strength cells, 
enhance resistance, make the dirt easily out, promote metabolism, improve 
skins dull, wrinkles, slack, and melanin

4) Oxygen smell: face with the mask, to match oxygen with one hundred 
percent pure aroma exacts, through the breath system to be functioned

5) Revitalize cells and triplex oxygen plus

6) Product dimensions: 35 x 35 x 65cm