Movable 5D/7D/8d Integrated Interactive Entermainment Platform, Home Theater Cinema Seat

Feature: 1)Used to see 5D movies
                2)Used to play 7D interactive gun game
                3)Used to play racing game
                4)Easy move
                5)Low investment, high profits

1.The feature of Moveable 5D/7D/8D Integrated interactive entertainment platform 
1). When play the 5D movie, the motion seats can be made in conformity with the movie plot realistic movement, such as up, down, turn left, turn right, forward, backward; At the same time, the seat can be output jet, water, back rubs, shock, sweep leg and other special effects.
2). Play 7D interactive fight game: Two viewers both can use platform from matching the interaction of the gun and the inside of the film against the enemy.
3). When playing 8D driving simulation, fly, bloboats, one act as the driver, to simulate the driving wheel drive,fly, bloboats, another person act as passengers, enjoy the motion exciting.
4).Removable 5D/7D/8D interactive amusement platform all in one convenient for the user remove; and with a support device like a crane, facilitate users do not need to destroy the ground structure, no need to play ground screw, can in the case of no fixed, after open support device  used directly.
2, Moveable 5D/7D/8D Integrated interactive entertainment platform composition 
1). Removable support device;
2). Power platform: There are two for customers to choose, that is , 6DOF high-end with linear transfucer pneumatic platform (Has many kinds of combination of action, accurate positioning, movements smooth comfortable, motion comfortable and high-end realistic characteristics ), 3DOF electric platform (has precise speed control, positioning control, quick action and comfortable, especially the vertical drop and rise feeling good, realistically simulate all kinds of high-end high-speed flight, earthquake and other actions );
3). One platform with two seats: cab output jet, water, back rubs, shock, sweep leg and other special effects; at the same time can provide  a variety of exterior seats for customer's diversified choice.
3, Application
Can be used for various airport amusement hall, the top leisure clubs, VIP clubs, KTV, game center, large cinemas, home theater,  a variety of entertainment venues, theme park, amusement park, the popular science exhibition hall, the auto 4 s shops recreation hall, etc., has a very high interest, novelty, irritating, seismic, entertainment, educational, and can reach a large number, fast to attract customer attention and special entertainment experience entertainment show effect.