AMDS----Automatic Micro Dermabrasion System

Automatic micro dermabrasion system stimulating skin Enhancing absorption rate of cosmetic by 40 times
Inproving acne scar by over 50%
Making skin healthy&elastic,different from laser/chemical peeling destroying skin tissue
Depth adjustable(0.25mm-2.0mm) with 4 hand
Much improved therapy effect
Much decreased pain compared to vacuum dermabrasion
Excellent improving effects of AMDS (Automatic miro dermabrasion system)
Cuticle/acne/burn-scar improvement,deep clean, skin rejuvenation
Intensive treatment available for narrow area
Simply by changing brasion head
Certified by CE

Mini RF

Stable quality, easy to operate
Through intelligent cuticle cooling system, the electric wave will transmit heat energy to deep skin layer and stimulate positive & negative ion to be chafed so as to produce heat energy. The heat will accelerate the blood circle, let the fiber structure shrink instantaneously, and stimulates the renewal of collagen. So the collagen in dermis will be heated and accelerated to renew dermis and subcutaneous tissue. It has tightening skin and removing wrinkle functions etc.
Advantage of our Factory:
1. We are the equipments designer and manufacturer, so you can could get lower prices, buying from us directly. Even more, the prices are more competitive than other manufactures.
2. In order to prove our manufacturing ability and quality, we have gotten CE certification.
3. We promise 12months warranty and lifetime maintenance.
4. We can provide OEM service, we still can mark the machine with your brand, color, also any requirements.