Wrought Iron Swivel Bar Stools are no longer furniture items exclusively for the bar. They are now being used extensively throughout the house in many rooms including the recreation room, breakfast room, kitchen and also outdoors. These bar stools exude a charm and style which you will not find in the shiny chrome plated versions. Wrought iron swivel bar stools are usually painted black and this makes it look more elegant. You can also paint the color of your choice if you need a lighter shade.

Wrought Iron Swivel Bar Stools are available in a variety of designs which can blend in with the different themes that people choose for their interiors. The models range from the retro designs to the new age furniture styles. One of the most popular designs is the one similar to the stools which were in the old soda bars with the classic vinyl upholstery. There are the more luxurious varieties with a backrest and rich leather upholstery.

Wrought iron swivel bar stools can be made to look much more attractive by detailed and intricate designs on the legs with wrought iron strips. Coupled with its dark black color the stool looks a piece of art and there are many craftsmen who excel in this work, and you can make one made to the design of your choice. There are also a lot of designs already available and you can find a huge collection in many online stores.

Wrought iron swivel bar stools although a little heavy compared to the other varieties, are very durable and because of their swivel design are easy for a person to get on and off them. If you are planning for seating arrangement in a room which is going to be crowded then wrought iron swivel bar stools would be the ideal choice. Whatever the theme of the room, if you choose an appropriate design, the wrought iron swivel bar stool is sure to blend in. You also have the option of choosing from a variety of upholstery materials like fabric, leather and so on.

Wrought iron swivel bar stools are great for the outdoors as well. A coat of black paint once a year is all the maintenance it will need. They are ideal for poolside, garden or patios. Now these stools come in various heights so that they can fit comfortably under the counters in your home. The original ones are very tall and will not fit under the modern kitchen counters.