Wicker chairs have become an attraction in the furniture world primarily because they are light and attractive not to mention very unique and trendy. These chairs have been known to add a touch of class especially when indoor. Recently the chairs have also become a great outdoors symbol and are great for the patio or backyard. These chairs are made of a reed such as resin or rattan which is carefully woven into a hard fabric material that can support weight. These tropical-looking chairs have become a fashion symbol in many places worldwide. Some have regular metal finish.

Chair Types

These chairs come in a variety of types as opposed to just one type. Some are weaker than others and others such as resin types are very resilient and will withstand not only tremendous pressure but also weather elements such as moisture. These then are well suited to the outdoor environment.

Dusting the wicker

For the chairs to maintain their good looking appearance, they must be well maintained. This is because weather elements such as dew can damage them. Grime and other kinds of dirt can also be harmful if the chairs are not maintained well using the dusting and also applying the proper finish. A handy vacuum cleaner and a hand brush can also do a good job in ensuring that the chairs last long.

Controlling the moisture

While it is true that these chairs are very resilient, they can nevertheless succumb to adverse weather, or moisture to be precise. Dew is also responsible for damaging the wicker's exterior finish and should therefore be avoided. The secret as we mentioned earlier is to polish and brush. Keep the wicker chairs away from excessive moisture which tend to make the chairs crack and be susceptible to breakage.


While it is a given that spills do occur on these chairs, it is easy to redeem them by simply wiping the chair clean immediately and then placing the chair in a dry area. It is recommended that one visit a furniture store or large outlet to shop for various cleaning chemicals for the chair.


If you own wicker chairs, you should pride yourself because they are one of the best in the industry. The next step is to ensure that they last long. This will involve good maintenance. When it comes to maintenance you must ensure that you buy the best finish to treat the wood against weather elements. An extra coat of finish can go a long way in ensuring that the chairs outlive their usefulness and that they look glossy and attractive.