There are many reasons to use a Ball Chair. The chief reason many are turning to using this type of chair, is simply because of the fact that their daily activities require them to sit for extended durations causing neck and back pain. Nearly one half of all Americans are affected and visit a chiropractor or doctor due to low back pain at least once sooner or later on in life. Chiropractors are recommending utilizing a fitness ball that will help relieve the stress placed on the lower back as a result of most standard office chairs. Many jobs require people to be seated at a desk, or computer workstation, for long amounts of time causing mid back pain, resulted in neck pain and in some cases headaches. Although there is no absolute scientific data that supports the theory of this type of chair, history informs us that it has been used for many years now to aid in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The instability of your balance ball causes the human body to compensate and balance on the ball, which stimulates muscles to be effective. Let us discuss 7 explanations why you should utilize a ball chair:


  • To build body strength
  • To raise your body balance
  • To gain body coordination
  • To improve sitting posture
  • To gain better reflexes
  • To improve reaction time
  • To build core body strength


So why else should you work with a Ball Chair?

The exercise ball curves to your bottom and the air provides for cushion and comfort. There are certain techniques to sitting on the ball (without using a base) that forces the back to straighten up therefore give good posture. There are more recent developments in the usages for ball chairs. Midwives and hospitals have reverted to using fitness balls to assist expecting mothers. Since the new born adds several additional pounds and mass to the body, the ball chair provides comfort while sitting. It also has become proven to create a wonderful condition that aids the descent of the baby's head into the pelvis. Also sitting on your ball and gently rocking backwards and forwards can certainly help during contractions and help the birth process. An advantage of using a balance ball as your chair is when you want a break from sitting, you can easily roll right into a stretch, or possibly instigate a few abdominal crunches, or possibly just bounce around a little. The balance ball is an extremely robust tool that could perform many functions, and above all help to strengthen one's body.