Cheap Chiavari chairs might be an attractive option at first glance, but are they right for you and your business?


Many industry experts say “buy nice or buy twice”, but it’s impossible to ignore your bottom line, especially when it comes to party rental furniture like wholesale Chiavari chairs. That’s why Event Stable offers a variety of pricing tiers on all Chiavari chairs for sale so you can select the right combination of price and durability that will be best for your venue or party rental company.


From wooden frames to metal chairs, here are a few of the options that we offer when you’re looking for cheap Chiavari chairs:



Starting at $37.99 wholesale, these are the most economical and inexpensive wholesale Chiavari chairs for sale. These lightweight, natural wood chair frames stack easily and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Each one of our wooden Chiavari chairs is made from Acacia wood, a hardwood that’s milled and bent into our exact specifications before assembly. We then coat each chair with primer and then either paint or stain (depending on the color) to ensure UV resistance and protection.


Not only are wood Chiavari chairs a durable and affordable option, people love the look of real wood that can’t be replicated with other materials. Wooden Chiavari chairs are a great place to start if you’re looking for high-quality at a low price.



Resin Chiavari chairs are our mid-price seating option starting at $46.99 wholesale. Not only do resin Chiavaris come in many of the same shades as the wooden Chiavari chairs, but they also come in clear, pink, and other less “natural” looking options to fit your exact aesthetic desire. Plus, each resin chair (except clear models) is molded over a steel frame, making them a commercial-grade option that will last you for years. Clear Chiavaris are made from polycarbonate, which is a scratch-resistant plastic that’s ideal for years of hard use.


These are a versatile, middle-of-the-road option that rental companies and venues love. When it doubt, resin Chiavari chairs are a great option.



If you’re looking specifically for cheap Chiavari chairs wholesale, metal won’t be the least expensive option — but you’re guaranteed quality and durability. Starting at $52.99 wholesale per chair, metal Chiavaris are the highest-priced Chiavari chairs that we offer, but they’re some of the best available anywhere in the world.


Aluminum Chiavaris stack closer together than wood or resin frames, so they’re the best space-saving option that still provides all of the durability of a commercial-grade chair. Plus, they’re individually powder-coated for maximum lifespan.