Office chairs come in a variety of styles. Regardless of the style, all office chairs should provide proper lumbar support. Other characteristics that may or may not be included with office chairs are the ability to adjust height, adjustable armrests, casters at the bottom, and the ability to swivel.

Office chairs that swivel and have casters on the bottom are referred to as task chairs. They are often adjustable to accommodate various heights and weights. Since they are adjustable, these office chairs are ideal for use in an office or home where several different people may use the same office chairs. In this way, each user can adjust the office chair to makes him or her comfortable and to provide the necessary support to prevent pain or injury.

Executive chairs are another option for the office. These office chairs are similar to task chairs in the sense that they are also adjustable and have casters. These chairs, however, usually have more padding than task chairs and are generally more comfortable to sit on. For this reason, they are more expensive than task chairs. They may also have the ability to recline, which isn’t a common characteristic of task chairs.

For those who are particularly tall or heavy, there are also big and tall office chairs available. These office chairs closely resemble executive chairs. The features that set them apart from executive chairs are a larger seat and a taller backrest in order to accommodate the needs of big and tall customers.