Wicker furniture comes in several varieties, and chairs are one of the most versatile pieces. Wicker chairs, made from wood fiber or resin, can be placed nearly anywhere. With an exotic style, such pieces have the perfect character for summer or spring, especially when paired with a colorful seat cushion. But although these and other furniture are associated with patios, this woven wooden furniture is appropriate for all seasons and for all rooms inside a house.

Wicker chairs and other pieces are made from woven strands of wood fiber. Often, it comes from the cores of rattan stalks, which is why wicker pieces are also referred to as "rattan furniture." Rattan isn't the only natural material used for wicker, however, and whole plants, such as willow switches, reed, or bamboo are used. The strands of wood are woven together over a stronger frame, which is usually wood or metal.

Some chairs and furniture, however, are made for indoor and outdoor environments, and these typically aren't made of natural wood. As the material needs to be waterproof and UV resistant, resin or a synthetic plastic is used instead to make all-weather chairs and tables. The resin wicker is often accompanied by fabric made from a polyester-acrylic combination.

Even with several materials used, the style possibilities are many. Although most wicker is a neutral light brown or honey color, the wood, like any other, can have a finish. Darker finishes, in an espresso or mocha color, give the chair an unusual character, one that, when contrasting with lighter cushions, appears moderately exotic or tropical. But on the other end, white or whitewashed wicker chairs are also sought after, as the light color is often perfect for summer and contrasts with existing home or patio décor.

Wicker chairs are ideal for any room in the house, but placing them depends upon the material used. If you're looking for an attractive piece of furniture to keep in doors and take outside in the summer, without it being ruined, consider a resin wicker chair with cushions made from all-weather fabric. If you're planning to keep the chair indoors, natural wood has a different feel, and such chairs come in several styles. Consider rocking chairs, larger arm chairs, or bar stools that can go anywhere in your home, from a living room to a bedroom to a dining area.