With so many choices available in every price category for upholstered dining chairs, there's no reason to sacrifice beauty for comfort in your dining room or kitchen eating area. With the degree of comfort they offer, they can serve double-duty as extra seating when entertaining in your living area. Considering the huge variety of styles, materials and fabrics available, there's sure to be a chair out there that's perfect for you. There are just a few things you should think about before you start your search:

Arms or armless? Too many arm chairs at a table can create a cluttered look, so if you want arms on your upholstered chairs, consider having them at the ends of the table only. Most manufacturers will offer the same style chair with or without arms so you can order both. It's important to make sure your chairs are the right height for your table...a minimum of 12 inches from the bottom edge of the table to the seat of the chair.

What's your style? Upholstered dining chairs come in every style you can imagine...sophisticated and elegant, modern and contemporary, trendy and quirky, and good old-fashioned traditional. The style of your chairs shouldn't venture too far from the style of the dining area they're to be placed in. You may fall in love with the contemporary straight lines of the leather dining chair you saw at the mall, but if you have a formal living/dining area with French-country decor, your new chairs may create a look that's not too pleasing to the eye.

What type of Fabric? Think about who's going to be sitting in these chairs. If you have children, you'll want to choose a fabric that cleans easily and consider a darker color to mask any stains you can't remove completely. You can also use a spray on fabric protector, but the best bet for kids would be a vinyl or leather upholstered chair. Also remember, you can find chairs with upholstered seats and backs or upholstered seats and hard backs.

Finally, wood or metal? Wooden chairs with beautifully carved details can spruce up a dining room with an air of sophistication and elegance. Metal chairs are great for kitchens and informal dining rooms and the styles are endless, from a modern chair with upholstered seat and back to a Tuscan-themed chair with an upholstered seat and a lovely stained-glass inset on the back, or a one of a kind chair with a laser carved palm tree on the back.

Whether you do it on-line or on foot...have a great time finding that perfect chair!