Many homeowners looking to add bar stools to their home décor are finding that upholstered stools have a lot going for them. It's all about versatility. The days of using furniture like bar stools only in the home bar or game room are long gone. Today's owner wants a stool design that will look great in virtually any room in the house.

An upholstered bar stool has one major advantage over traditional bar stools for home use - it won't stand out like a sore thumb when placed with living room furniture. It will look right at home next to your other upholstered furniture. You'll get extra seating for parties or when your kids' friends come over without ruining the coherence of the room's décor.

Another positive aspect of choosing upholstered bar stools is their unique look. Standard stools look great in their intended environments, but put them in another room and they can sometimes look completely out of place. With upholstered stools, they're just as useful in the bar or game room as tradition bar stools, but they give you the additional benefit of being of use in your home's other rooms without looking odd in those settings.

When you choose upholstered stools, you get furniture that can change with your own tastes over the years. When your "pastel" phase is over and you decide to go with earth tones, you won't have to throw out the old bar stools. Just reupholster them! Problem solved. If you're careful to pick a neutral wood or metal frame color, your stools can move on with you for decades.

The one potential downside to choosing upholstered bar stools is the inevitable stains. You can count on spilled drinks, dropped dip, and other accidents. However, if you're careful to pick fabric material that resists stains - or to apply stain guards - this risk is minimal. One back-up solution is to use inexpensive (but not cheap looking) fabric, so you can reupholster the stool without crying over the cost.