There are various types of ergonomic chairs developed by cutting edge scientific studies that meet the growing needs of human centered workplace orientation. Ergonomics is a scientific specialty who's time has come especially with the onset of computer task related jobs that require workers to sit long periods of time preforming repetitive functions. Other office jobs such as drafting, art design and many other sedentary tasks now require worker accommodation in seating to enhance the best productivity as well as to avoid some serious injuries. Even those who work at home or enjoy certain hobbies benefit from the use of certain types of ergonomic chairs.

An ergonomic office chair has several benefits to both workers and employers. Since ergo chairs are produced to fit the body as it performs certain tasks, workers undergo less body stress while working, enjoy better positioning throughout the day and can move more freely during repetitive, sedentary job tasks. This helps to keep employees from sustaining work-related injuries such as carpal tunnel, repetitive motion syndrome and serious back injuries. Employers benefit from providing to their employees ergonomically designed task chairs by receiving greater productivity from healthy, happy employees and from settling substantially less workmen's compensation cases due to work-related task injuries.

There are several types of ergonomic chairs that are especially important that are best for the typical office jobs. Here are 3 of the most beneficial:

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


This type of seating is specially designed to reduce pressure from the seat area of the body and transfer it to the shin/leg area. The user is allowed to sit upright while aligning the spine during all movements and reduces pressure on the neck, shoulders, back and lumbar region. The knee chair is usually made to allow movements while working so as to relieve sedentary stress especially caused by computer related work.

Ergonomic Task Chair

A task chair is also a chair that helps those in repetitive movement oriented jobs such as computer, drafting and design. This chair can be adjusted to height of legs, arm extensions, and back position. Casters, lumbar support and other features can found among the large array of task chairs to suit just about anyone.

High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Many high back ergonomic office chairs are designed with luxury in mind and are often purchased for executives or home offices. The large majority of these seating units are made in leather and provide ample headrests, armrests, lumbar support, and many adjustable features. Some even come with massage and heating units that help to soothe tired, aching muscles during those long working hours.

There are many types of office chairs, but choosing an ergonomic seating option is usually the best value for your health and your money. Be sure to compare prices, features, options, shipping and warranties before selecting the right chair among the many types of ergonomic chairs.