Choose a dining chair could be a difficult thing to do, not only because there are many kinds of them, but the style and material that use for a modern dining chair. Dining chair usually made based on some criteria like type, material, style and function. If you want to buy dining for your own, this article could help you to decide what kind of dining chair that you like to buy.

·         Dining Chair

This type of chair, usually made of wood or fiberglass, the size are small and don’t have arm rest, so it make them easily to distinguished from the other type. Because the size is small, this type of dining chair is easily to placed around the dinner table

·         High – backed dining chair

High backed dining chair is usually use in a formal dining set and looked elegant. Most of them are made of synthetic material like vinyl, but the popular one is made of leather, and we also can see, the most favorite shades for high backed dining chair are black or white, that’s why they are often use in formal dining set.

·         Armed-chair

This type of dining chair maybe is not too famous compare to the others, because they have arm which make them not easily slides under the dining table. But it also doesn’t mean that this armed chair is a bad choice, this armed chair is usually use in a n informal social gathering, because of its lazy form, this type of chair is proper to be use in a buffet style meal.

·         Wooden chair

Wooden chair, is the most famous dining chair ever use, not only because it’s simple look but also because its life, many families use them for years and wooden dining chair would never be old style for any kinds of event and era. Wooden chair is also have 2 benefits at the same time, because of  its never ending stories from a wooden dining chair, you can have two style from one wooden dining chair ,the modern and antique at the same time.