Tub chairs have become a modern furniture phenomenon simply because they are both stylish and very comfortable. The humble-looking chairs come in all sorts of colors and resemble a low-rider version of a bath tub. The chairs received their name from the posture which is associated with that of a bath tub in that they have a low sunken seat and high raised armrests. When someone reclines in a chair, their posture resembles one inside a bath tub with their frame wholly sunken inside the structure of the chair. This posture calls for a very comfortable and stress-relieving experience indeed as the tub chair is designed to completely ease pressure from the seater's backbone.

In the past, these chairs were mostly associated with the elderly who purchased the chair on the advice of a back specialist. After it was realized by the public just how potent these seats were when it came to relieving back stress, ordinary people jumped on the idea. Today, these chairs feature in many homes and also in places where there are waiting areas and receptions halls. Many of these places include hotels and other business establishments. The chairs cushion the back so perfectly that it is very possible to spend a considerable amount of time reclining on them.

Because of this demand for the chairs emanating from the general public who only a few decades ago was disinterested, many designers have jumped on the idea of making more daring innovations when it comes to the chairs. There are now many different variations of the this chair and one can easily find one that fits their particular taste. Since the chairs are pretty low and also very good-looking, they can fit and blend with existing furniture without causing a clash of ideas.

Why are tub chairs so appealing?

There is a simply answer to this; their style and color. Tub chairs come in all sorts of colors and their "low-rider" appearance causes them to fit almost anywhere seamlessly regardless of pre-existing furniture in the room. This means it does not take much to add a touch of taste to a living room. Simply buying a tub chair and setting it as a side pierce does the job wondrously.

The chairs have also gained renown because of their comfort level. Their design complements the most comfortable back posture recommended for a human being. That is why in the past the chairs were mainly recommended by back pain doctors and specialists as a way to regain posture and be most comfortable. Their comfort level has seen the chairs being purchased by hotels and other places where customers are likely to recline longer than usual.

Finally, tub chairs are affordable. We mentioned it is possible to accent your living room, bedroom or reception area with one or two without breaking your budget. There are also many websites out there dedicated to tub chairs. Another source can be the classified section of your weekend newspaper. These also come with excellent buying tips.