Leather furniture is the quintessential masterpiece of every home. It is elegant. It is quite a bit to look at. A room would never be complete without its accessories and it will sure make your room appealing with these leather furnishings.

We often see a lot of leather furnishings in the center of the house, the living room. This is where we get to entertain guests. We spend most of our family and children time in the living room. And always, the living area is ultimately the center of attention in your home.

As part of our leather furnishings, we often get the sofa recliner as the focal point of the room. Of course, we took this too for the purpose of pampering ourselves. We have convinced ourselves that a recliner is a good choice and it basically is. What we may not realize is that there are several types of recliners. It may look the same to us, but there are differences. Recliners can be sectional, double, miniature and most importantly, a sofa.

What are the differences in recliners?


This is what we usually available in showrooms. It has more variety. Sectionals can accommodate more than 3 people (sitting capacity). It is a bit bulky though so it would still take some space in the room. And since it has a reclining feature, you can also snuggle up and be comfortable with your family. You can also be comfortable with friends while enjoying a great movie or TV show or just each other's company.


As the name implied, it is for 2 people. This sofa recliner basically has features of a loveseat. For more comfort, you can even have it customized with a massager.


This is perfect for kids who want to feel grown-up. They are small and not exactly spacious. It comes and looks like the traditional recliner, but only for kids.


Often comes as a leather and depending on the size, this can accommodate 3 people comfortably. And as a recliner, it can give you a more relaxed, comfortable seat.

You can also classify the recliners as Two-position recliner, a push-back recliner and rocker recliner. Among these 3, the two-position recliner is the simplest and the most inexpensive. The rocker recliner works as a rocking chair you as you seat in your recliner. The rocker also have more variety but definitely more expensive. The push-back recliner prides itself with its fully-leathered back part that actually accentuates the room and perfectly blends in the modern, sleek environment it encompasses.

When purchasing leather furniture especially the recliners, check for

Style and durability

Apart from being stylish, furniture must be durable. Leather is perfect since it never goes out of style and fits any theme.


Most of the recliners have added features. Check the operations. Read the manual. Are they all working? Can it be upgraded? How long is the warranty? Shop around. Ask the furniture dealer what are differences. Can it be upgraded or reupholstered, etc.?


We may go overboard and buy the most spacious, luxurious and most comfortable recliner available, but if it does not fit our space, what is the use. It does not fit into the space we have. Measurements are as essential as the material use for the sofa recliners, the style and its functionality. We either need to make room for the sofa or adjust the size of the sofa we will buy.