When Eero Arnio introduced the stunning bubble chair in Finland, he turned the world of interior decor upside down. This chair an instant hit at that time, and it still continues to draw eyeballs and ardent followers to this day. This is quite an achievement considering the fact that most fashion statements fade away in one or two seasons.

The hanging bubble chair has many advantages. It can be hung from any height. This makes it possible to hang the chair in the sitting room, the balcony or even the patio. Since it is made of chrome and acrylic, it looks beautiful and is not an eyesore regardless of the setting and background. This unique versatility is one of the reasons behind its success.

Many changes have been made to the chair. In modern times, sitting inside a bubble chair hanging from the ceiling might evoke a sensation of being cut off from the rest of the world. This is because of innovations in acoustics which swallow up extraneous sounds and enfold the user in a cocoon of solitude and peace.

While the bubble chair looks straightforward, care has to be taken while hanging the chair. According to Arnio, the bottom of the bubble chair must be at least 6 inches above the ground in order to offer its occupant a warm and relaxing experience. Depending on the kind of ceiling, changes have to be made to the hook from which the chair hangs. For instance, a wood beam requires a screw that is used on wood. A concrete ceiling on the other hand, needs a heavy duty plug and a screw hook. The plug must have a diameter of 10mm.

While hanging the chair, care must be taken to avoid knocks. Knocks can damage the acrylic dome, leading to speedy wear, tear and breakages. Due to this reason, users are advised to avoid hanging bubble chairs near walls or other pieces of furniture. In case of installing more than one, there must be enough space in between the chairs to avoid collision.

Since these chairs are transparent, they must be properly cleaned and maintained. Maintenance is easy because you can keep these chairs clean by wiping them with a soft wet cloth. Because of chrome, it is not advisable to use thinner on the hanging bubble chair. These chairs look lovely hanging from any space - office, bedroom, kitchen or the patio. They are pleasing to the eye and can immediately create an aura of refreshing and unparalleled sophistication.