More people are now discovering the benefits of earning income from their home offices. Whether you are managing your own business, taking advantage of online opportunities, or just starting to set up your own workspace at home, proper office chairs are an absolute must. The best part about your own home office is that you get to decide on the décor and the furniture arrangement. You also get to choose and buy your own home office chairs!

Office chairs at home need to be comfortable as much as in the office. The environment within the confines of your own abode may be less stressful but if you are spending a considerable amount of time in front of your desk or your computer, you are not exempted from back, neck, and body pains frequently experienced by the average office worker. Your home office needs chairs that come with swivel, adjustable parts, recline, and sufficient support.

Your chair should also complement the overall look or dominating theme of your office. The design should harmonize with your desks, walls, doors, and other office furniture. As much as you give importance to aesthetics, you must also make sure that the entire space is ergonomically-sound. This means that every element in the home office should encourage smooth and relaxed movements.

What to Look For


  1. Material. Home office chairs made of top quality material can cost you USD 300 at the very least. If you consider the number of years you will be able to use them and the comfort they bring, it would be wise to make this kind of investment. Leather may be attractive but they are not for everyone. Some people may enjoy a chair with breathable covers that are soft and firm, beveled plastic armrests, a steel spine, and solid base.
  2. Feel. Test chairs as you shop to know how it feels in relation to your height, weight, and body. Fiddle with the adjustments. Some buyers know immediately which chair they would like simply by sitting down and getting a feel of the chair.
  3. Flexibility. It is important that your home office chairs can be adjusted so that your feet touch the floor without straining your knees and that your armrests are easily movable to keep shoulders relaxed.
  4. Control. Look for an office chair that can be easily maneuvered as you please. You should be able to lean back without having to worry about falling over and to move the swivel to the left and right without losing control. Same goes with the casters.


Available Options


  • Ergonomic chairs. These are usually hard-backed and can fit a person of any size. Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide comfort and wellness for the worker.
  • Stackable chairs. Stackable and space-saving chairs are what you need if your office space is relatively small. Stools are also handy and light. These chairs are cheap and available in interesting colors. However, this type of chairs may not give you the support you need.
  • Stability ball chairs. The stability ball is a cheap option for home office chairs. They exercise your muscles and keep you comfortable, only if you use them for short periods.
  • Reclining office chairs. If you have enough room and budget, a reclining chair makes a good investment. They are relaxing and utterly comfortable.
  • Typist's chairs. The typist's chair is characterized by its light weight, adjustable height, and adequate back support. The chair is not designed for sitting on within long hours