1.Cotton auditorium chair


First you should wipe with a soft cloth, and then dry. But it prohibit using a damp cloth, hard objects and chemicals


contact fabric, otherwise it will damage the surface and the use of cycle.

2.Cloth auditorium chair


You can wipe with water, and then dry. if you want to clean up the dirt produced by the long-term use. It is usually use


soft cloth to wipe with a clean.

3.Wooden auditorium chair


You should avoid placing the drinks, chemicals or hot objects on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of


the wood surface

4.Stainless steel auditorium chair and aluminum auditorium chair


You can be used to wipe with a soft cloth. But you avoid using the rough cloth. If you use organic solvent or wet cloth,


it will cause rust. You can use dry cotton or silk cloth to wipe.