A ghost chair is one of the most recent additions to the furniture world. Although the jury is still out on whether its design is likeable or not, many have started purchasing it. Although it may look like a regular plastic seat, a ghost chair is more durable and, due to being a designer seat, is more expensive. However, if you're wondering how this invention came to be, you'll find an interesting story in the next few lines.

Philippe Starck, a French product designer, interior designer and architect, came up with the idea of mixing something old with something new. So, in 2002, he created the first series of ghost chairs that were made based on the design of the classic Louis XVI armchair. The design was acclaimed as one of the postmodern achievements in interior design and many companies started buying the rights to manufacture it.

The original design was made of a single form of transparent polycarbonate. This means that a mold is injected with polycarbonate rather than creating separate pieces that are assembled together. Although many doubted that this would cause the chairs to be weaker, these chairs proved to all that they could bear even the heaviest weight.

Many inquired about the reason behind using polycarbonate. However, Starck simply explained that he had a soft corner for Mother Nature. By using this form of plastic, he was able to reduce people's dependency on wood. In addition, polycarbonate was easier to recycle in comparison with other forms of synthetic material. With these reasons, you can imagine why many "Go Green" advocates started buying these chairs in large numbers.

Quite soon, the Italian company Kartell started manufacturing Louis ghost chairs along with the latest addition from Starck, the Victorian ghost chair. This chair was designed with a rounded backrest and no arm rests. Although it appeared to be more delicate than the Louis model, it proved to be just as strong. The rest after that is history.

Today, the appeal of ghost chairs goes beyond their strength and ability to be recycled easily. Their versatility and opaque colors are two more reasons which justify their popularity. You don't need to spend your time looking for a piece of furniture that matches your room's theme, because these chairs will fit anywhere. Plus, for practical people, they are much easier to clean in comparison with other furniture. So, do you think you can make use of some of these unique chairs around your house?