From presidential banquets to royal weddings, Chiavari chairs are instantly recognizable as the premier seating option for formal occasions. However, while Chiavari chairs are relatively common for event venues to provide, their history is anything but common.



For instance, did you know that Chiavari chairs got their name from the small village where they were first created in the early 1800s? Chiavari, Italy—near the more well-known city of Genoa—was home to a small furniture workshop owned by a pair of brothers, the Descalzis. Originally crafted out of solid cherrywood, their gorgeously-designed chairs exploded in popularity almost instantly and have been in regular circulation since.



Since their creation, Chiavari chairs have been used across the world for formal functions, including the Grammys, White House galas, and even the Kennedy-Onassis wedding in 1953. Today, they’re the chair of choice for upscale venues and have expanded from their original cherrywood design into options that include lightweight aluminum, sturdy resin, and a variety of woods to fit different budgets and decor schemes. Chiavari bar stools are also available to complement the dining chairs for those who value a cohesive approach to event details.


While you’ve most likely to run into Chiavar is at hotels, country clubs, and even stately manors that lend themselves to elegant affairs, they have even been spotted in design-savvy homes for their timeless aesthetic and appeal. Plus, with their lightweight but sturdy construction, as well as their incredibly easy stacking capability, Chiavaris continue to be the chair of choice for people who value design, convenience, and affordability.