Sorting through a ton of wedding chairs for sale from different wholesalers can be a daunting task for any party rental company or venue — but it doesn’t have to be. While there are plenty of options to choose from, there are a only select number of classic seating options that guests request time and again, regardless of budget or location. These are the best-selling chairs that reputable wholesalers will offer all year round to those looking to bulk up their rental inventory.


How do you pick the right wedding chairs for sale that will work for your business? Simply look at the top rented chair options (either in your existing inventory or new styles that you’d like to add) and invest in the right number for you based on your budget and storage/transportation capabilities.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the options. Here are some of the highest rated wedding chairs for sale that have proven themselves to be the top industry picks year after year.



Chiavari chairs are the gold standard of wedding seating. Their classic design is practically synonymous with weddings, so if you provide furniture to wedding parties often, you won’t want to be caught without some Chiavaris.


Available in multiple colors and materials, Chiavari chairs make every wedding party an elegant one. If you’re looking at different wedding chairs for sale, Chiavaris are a great option.



While Chiavari chairs are the most-often rented wedding chairs, folding chairs come in a close second. Not only are they slightly more budget-friendly than upscale Chiavaris, they’re also a bit lighter and take up less room in storage (thanks to their sleek folding design). These party-proven chairs are also great for outdoor ceremonies due to the fact that they are easily transported quickly; they can go from a grassy field into a reception hall in just a few minutes.



Stacking chairs are polished option that many hotels and venues love. They’re bulkier to move on a regular basis, so if you have a venue where your rental furniture doesn’t need to go far, you might want to consider investing in these commercial-grade seating options.


However, if you do need to transport stacking chairs, they have one big thing going for them — they stack! Pick up a stack chair dolly and you’re in business.



Banquet chairs are a tried-and-true option that many venues continue to swear by. Not only do they come in a ton of different frame and upholstery color combinations, they’re heavy-duty and can perform double-duty for weddings, conferences, receptions, and many more events. Starting at just $26 per chair wholesale, these wedding chairs for sale are a durable and affordable option.