Everybody needs a reliable office chair. Task chairs are usually partnered with office desks but they can also be found in many other places. Kitchens, conference rooms, stores, computer laboratories, reception areas, clinics, studios - wherever work is done, this kind of chairs make useful and convenient furniture pieces.

A task chair, as the terms connotes, should help you handle your daily tasks more efficiently. Designs may vary but basically, these chairs are built to keep you comfortable when you are busiest and give you enough support in moments when you are in deep concentration. Task office chairs must be sturdy and allow you to move from one place to another with ease.

Task chairs mostly have basic design because comfort is the strongest selling point for this type of chair. What you need to look for is a chair that allows you to sit up straight without causing discomfort as well as enough lower back support. Cushioned chairs might not give adequate back support. Comfort and back support should always be balanced.


Task chairs feature the basic lever mechanism beneath the seat, back rest, seats, swivel and casters. Some models come with arm rests and are usually adjustable in plenty of ways. The cheapest models allow for fine-tuning the seat so that the person sitting down feels comfortable. The lever is used to adjust the pressure on the seat so it can move either upward or downward.

Task chairs feature at least four casters at the base. They help the person sitting down to easily move from one point to another and achieve multiple tasks such as answering calls, printing documents, doing spreadsheets, checking the calendar, and so on. Pulling in and out of the desk is also made much easier.

A swivel at the bottom allows the user to turn by up to 360 degrees and alternate his attention to various tasks at hand. Sitting down and facing the desk is faster and swifter with a swivel chair - no more nasty bumps to the knee.

Buying Tips

When looking for a task chair, look at the chair you are currently using at home or in the office. Take note of the things that you do not like about the chair and look for these missing characteristics when you go shopping. If your chair has, for instance, a broken swivel or worn out seat, you can just as easily look for office chair parts online.

There are task chairs with seats and back rests that can be adjusted to make the legs as well as the back as comfortable as possible. Ergonomic designs in all kinds of chairs, including task chairs, are growing popular today. You may want to find out for yourself why so many people want them and doctors recommend them.

If you are merely looking for a task chair with the basic features, why not buy seat and cushions along with it? Even if your chair may not be as comfortable as more expensive task chairs, you at least can enjoy better comfort. Cushions, available in attractive colors and designs, can also enhance the appearance of the room.