A swivel tub chair is known for the amazing comfort it gives to the user, as well as their ability to enhance the look of their surroundings. They are nicknamed as such because the chairs resemble the back half of a regular bathtub. Just like a regular bathtub found in most bathrooms, the top portion of this particular swivel chair smoothly curves around to the front, functioning as arm rests of the chair. The arm rests on a tub chair are typically higher than those found on regular swivel chairs. However, there are also some models that sport a tall base that seems to lift off the ground, resembling a type of bar stool that has a curving back and high arms.

Although tub chairs have been primarily designed for office use, they have found their way into living and dining rooms of many American households. This is due to the comfortable and relaxing feeling that they accord to the user, prompting many homeowners to have one or a couple in their homes. You can also see a lot of television talk shows using this type of swivel chair. These are used to make the talk show hosts and their guest more comfortable and in a living room-like setting.

There are many swivel tub chair models available in the furniture market. You can get one that is entirely covered in genuine leather or those that are wrapped in a special fabric. If the area setting has an elegant contemporary design, getting a black-color leather chair would definitely be perfect. It will further enhance the look of the surroundings by adding charm and beauty to the elegant setting.

One of the great things about the leather chair is that you can sit on it for hours yet feel extremely comfortable after getting up. This proves the efficiently and efficacy of chairs when it comes to comfort and relaxation. However, if leather chairs are something that is not within your budget, there is always an alternative. There are chairs covered with cloth upholstery that does not cost as much as those that have leather covers.

Available in many patterns, this type of tub chair are perfect for those who are looking for a good buy. The primary downside about swivel chairs that have cloth upholstery is that they have the tendency to absorb liquids, which in time could become an unsightly stain. The only way to solve this is apparently to change the upholstery or cover the stain with similarly-colored cloth.

Perhaps the best aspect about that kind of chair is that they are perfect furniture pieces for small areas. Their size and unique structure allows them to fit into just about any living or work space. It is not a great wonder, therefore, if tub chairs remain to be the main furniture in many offices around the country.