Swivel chairs are flexible and mobile, which is why they are favorites furniture additions not only in offices but as well as in kitchens, studies, and living areas.. Different kinds of such chairs include stools, patio chairs, and desk chairs. As the name denotes, swivel chairs are equipped with casters or tiny wheels fitted within caster frames that allow whoever is sitting down to move from one end of his desk to another more easily.

However, swivels are not exclusively found in offices. You may also add have them in the kitchen, the living room, or your study. Bars, salons, and other business establishments also offer the benefits of these chairs to their customers. Recliners are possibly the most popular type of swivel chair. They may be covered with various materials like vinyl, leather, and fabric.

Everyone likes swivel chairs, even kids. Due to the chair's functionality, it may be exposed to prolonged use that could eventually lead to damaged or broken parts. Fortunately, manufacturers make available spare parts for sale to replace broken ones. Take some effort looking for the part you need and you are sure to find them online, if not in your local furniture store.


Casters are important parts of swivel chairs because not only do they carry a person's full weight, they are also constantly on the move. Sellers of chair parts usually offer these in different sizes. There are casters with diameter sizes of 50mm, 65mm, and 75mm. The size of your caster affects the performance of your swivel chair so it is absolutely necessary that you get only the right size for replacements.

Casters also come in various types. These include stem mount casters, pneumatic, total-locking, nickel plated, and furniture casters. Some chairs need only four casters while others may require up to eight, depending on how many arms the swivel base has.

Ottoman Legs

Ottoman legs are optional parts of a swivel chair. These are extended parts wherein the owner can rest his legs. A common feature of reclining swivel chairs, these can be covered with cushions, leather, and other upholstery. They can also be replaced if necessary.

Other Parts

Many swivel chair parts are actually available in plastic. They are also durable but not as expensive as other materials. Plastic parts available include back covers, mechanisms, fittings, hinges, and gas lifts. Bases may also come in plastic or stainless steel. Arm rests are also widely sold online in case you need new ones.

There are numerous sellers of chair parts, especially online, that it might require some time and effort to find products exactly as you need them. Be sure to know what you want and need. If you can, consult with an expert or the chair manufacturer and ask for their assistance in finding replacement parts.