Swivel chairs are common in almost any office or business establishment for the comfort and flexibility it brings to the user. Apart from its sturdiness and ergonomic properties, a swivel chair allows workers to perform daily tasks and functions in more smoothly and comfortably. A swiveling chair can make a 360-degree turn and is equipped with casters to allow movement.

Apparently, swivel chair bases are the core of these revolutionary chairs. They support the weight of the person sitting on the chair. The base is fitted with mechanisms that allow the user to adjust the chair's depth and height, as well as propel the chair from one point to another and turn it around whenever needed. It is thus composed of several parts, which can be replaced in the unfortunate event that they get broken. At times, you would need to replace the entire base.

There are two basic types of swivel chair bases: the manual and the gas type. Depending on the type of your chair, manufacturers offer replacement parts for both types. Manual swivel bases have certain limitations compared to the more modern gas type bases. It provides stability but comes with a fixed height, leaving no room for adjustment. It merely serves to support.

On the other hand, gas type swivel chair bases are more flexible and are mad of more complex mechanisms. Underneath the seat, a level can be adjusted to lower or heighten the seat to fit the user's height. When pressed, this lever releases air from a specially designed chamber, pushing up the chair freely. Releasing the lever while putting your weight on the chair pushes it down until you the chair is lowered to your desired depth.

Both gas and manual swivel chair bases are available in different shapes, dimensions, styles, and material used. They are fitted with varying numbers of legs, to which casters may or may not be attached. The more legs the base of a swivel has, the easier it would be to maneuver it. Five-legged bases are a popular choice among buyers of office chair replacement parts. You can also opt for circular bases that are bolted to the floor surface. This type of swivel chair bases is made for heavy-duty load.

Aluminum cast and wood are two common materials used for swivel chair bases. Bases also come fitted with casters. With so many options available today, a broken chair base or any part of the base is no longer a problem. Online, you will see a wide range of swivel bases for different kinds of office chairs made by a huge variety of manufacturers. When choosing a replacement base for your chair, make sure it is suitable for the kind of chair you are repairing.