Bar stools are no longer suitable only for the bar, but can become an attractive furniture item form the home as well. Many interior designers prefer the bar stools for seating arrangements in rooms like kitchen, game room, and outdoors as well in the patio and by the poolside. Bar stools come in a variety of designs and the most popular is the swivel type which is very convenient for the person to seat himself and get out even if the place is crowded. It also enables the person to turn around freely while seated and to face any direction. In the swivel type of bar stools there is a further classification, where certain models are with backs and some are without. Swivel bar stool with back provides much better sitting comfort than the backless variety.

Swivel bar stool with back come in many designs wherein the height of the back rest varies. Some models have backrests which reach all the way up just below the shoulders, while some reach up to the middle of the back. You can choose between these depending on the theme of your room and the comfort level you desire. Some models also have armrests which make the seat even more comfortable.

Swivel bar stool with back is made from different materials like wrought iron, steel, wood and plastic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages considering their appearance, durability and price. A swivel bar stool with back made from wrought iron offers a lot of design possibilities with intricate metal work and so on. These stools look very elegant, but are a little too heavy to move around. The steel variety comes with shiny chrome plating and will suit only certain interiors. The wooden variety is an all time favorite with many models and designs with back. You will have to choose the type of wood carefully to make sure it lasts you for a long time. The plastic ones although very cheap don't look so great and are not very durable.

Swivel bar stool with back can be with padded cushion for the seat and back rest or be just plain. If there is the padding you get a lot of options for the upholstery as well and you can choose between rich leather, classic vinyl or fabric. The plain ones are also comfortable especially the wooden varieties. In wrought iron a variety of designs are possible for the backrest, to enhance the beauty.