For occasions when you have a need for extra seating, stacking chairs are hard to beat. They can provide an economical solution to temporary seating needs. Today's chairs are available in a number of materials, colors, and design styles. While it's good to have chairs that look good, it's also important to provide comfortable seating for your guests. Stacking chairs will fulfill that requirement with ease. Another factor is choosing chairs that can stand up to heavy use. There are stacking chairs that will be of service to you for years to come.

No matter the size of the event, there is a stacking chair model to suit you. Large institutional events to backyard barbecues, there's a chair designed just for you. If you want upholstered chairs, there are chairs available in nearly any covering you like.

For outdoor use, plastic is the most common material used, but there are other materials such as metal and some woods and composites designed to withstand the elements also.

A popular material for chairs is plastic. Plastic allows for the lightest chairs possible, and also is available in almost any color.

Sometimes, for large events, moving the chairs from storage to the event and back again may be a concern. It needn't be. There are dollies designed for just such a contingency. Large enough to hold a number of chairs, but small enough to maneuver to and from storage, these dollies make event planning a little simpler.

There are situations that call for smaller sized chairs. Situations such as a children's table at a social function, or for day care. Fortunately there are chairs designed for kids. For these applications, plastic is a popular choice for material. It offers the advantage of being lightweight, yet sturdy. It's also easy to wipe clean, and even more important it can easily be disinfected.

For customers with special concerns, some suppliers offer the ability to customize your stacking chairs order. You can choose from materials, colors and materials so that you can exactly match your decor.

When it comes to style and versatility, and seating for gatherings both large and small, and on top of that, staying within a budget, stacking chairs are a great first choice.