Bar stools is a real convenient way to shift your weight when you are longing to have a relaxed seat. Bar stools typically come in a huge variety of materials. There are lots and lots of design modulations in each material. The bar stools most commonly are used in the bars, ice cream parlors, food outlets, homes, offices, shopping malls and any where you can think of and your imagination permits you to use them.

But there is a major difference in the way the bar stools function in homes and outside the homes, in commercial locations. The home use is usually restricted to just 1 or maximum 6, depending upon the size of the family. But when these bar stools are used commercially, they are naturally used in huge numbers. Compact as they may be, yet when there are many of the bar stools in one place, the space taken up by all of them together is considerable. In bars, food outlets and other joints where food or drink is being served, there is a necessity to maintain hygiene of the place. This requires thorough cleaning of the place with water and the use of mops.

The floor needs to be cleaned and for this there is a requirement for free space. The bar stools and tables are all required to be cleared off from the place and then the cleaning is initiated. But if the bar stools are just scattered outside the bar or the food joint, it will take up a lot of space out side too. This can be very much inconvenient and also there might not be so much extra space to hold these bar stools outside.

The stackable bar stools are a boon in such case. If they are stackable, they just need the space of a single bar stool. Then whatever the numbers may be, fifty or hundred or even two hundred, you just can go on stacking on one bar stool on the other, and the process is so convenient and so much economical on space.

This hold good in homes too, if there are more than one bar stools and you need to reclaim the space occupied by the bar stools for any reason. It might be for cleaning the floor or may be even just in order to make way for free movement in the room. Where ever the use of the bar stools, the stack ability factor is quite important and convenient too.