These bar stools are perfect for poolside or any outdoor event seating requirement. With heights starting from 36" and up, spectator bar stoolsmakes the person comfortable seated at a tall perch. Most spectator bar stools are made with arm rests and a back rest for added comfort with the upholstery padded and foot rests designed to ensure user comfort. Some Spectator bar stools are even incorporated with cup-holders on the arm rests.

These Spectator bar stools are unique pieces of furniture. With space utilized economically, they are ideal for both sitting and standing situations, and when done right they are incredibly comfortable.

Spectator bar stools have traditionally been used for eating at large gatherings of people in limited spaces. There are now more styles of Spectator bar stool available than ever before, and no matter what kind of locations it may be, there will be a kind of spectator bar stool that will suit your requirement.

With modern styles adding up, Spectator bar stools have been included in the home and kitchen furniture line up. Designs have generally incorporated -high-perched Spectator bar stools, well over 34", with relatively high or lower footrests which should be perfect in a kitchen with a high bar.

Your decision of having a high bar and high stools in your kitchen will largely depend on the type of house you own.

With a dining area and kitchen with very high ceilings, it is a good idea to have a high bar table with high stools; while a mid-level with a height range of about 25-30"spectator bar stool will suit a kitchen area with a low-ceiling  better.

Materials such as wood and metal bands are used to manufacture these elegant pieces of furniture. Many Pool-clubs and out door places prefer to have Spectator bar stools manufactured from metal and most in-door places prefer to have wooden spectator bar stools. Mostly for home furniture wooden spectator bar stools are the ideal choice, as wooden spectator bar stools can be bought to match your home or kitchen furniture as well as to add extra elegance.

With so many designs being available in the market, it is not an easy task to decide on the type of spectator bar stool that will best suit your need. It is best to go through some catalogs as well as to search online for some designs and have an idea of what to expect.