One common thing between career executives and their employees is the fact of being weary and tired. Each may perform different tasks and level of difficulties but ultimately stress, fatigue or muscle pains did not excuse any of them at work. Worst, there comes a time when office workers cannot even report for the day because of some ailments from either tension or burn-out. Unfortunately, the trend in the workplace today while becoming globally competitive necessitates considerable amount of energy and efforts from the employees. As a result, most companies device new and modern ways catering to the wellness and benefits of their personnel.

For one, office chair massage is becoming popular inclusion to the company's wellness program. Because of its many benefits and convenience, most organization considers hiring on-site massage therapists to provide at least 15-30 minutes relaxing massage to their personnel. In sum, in a chair massage, a person sits on a specialized chair with face and arm rests to ensure maximum relaxation. Massage style closely resembles Swedish massage, which incorporates long, slow strokes and minimal pressure in the back and necks. It is not designed to be a four-hour break from work, but a brief, calming few minutes. Chair massages are done with the clothing still on, hence, no need for the use of oils or lotions.

Meanwhile, studies have shown that there is more to chair massage than just quickly relieving aching muscles. Instead, this short and brief therapy provides all the benefits of massage such as increased blood circulation for the physical body, lower levels of stress and higher energy levels for the mind. It is believed to enhance not only employee's productivity but even mental and physical well being. Notably, therapeutic benefits provided by office chair massage are tremendous. Even short intervals of massage therapy have been shown to reduce levels of stress and ease pain from common office ailments such as stiff shoulders and neck or repetitive stress injuries. This de-stressing service is beneficial to health especially of those who spend their days seating in front of their computers or staying behind the desk.

Moreover, office chair massage which typically costs between $60 and $100 per hour for each therapist offer an affordable investment for any company. It can be used to in many ways either to reward employees, motivate them to finish a project or be part of a larger employee incentive loyalty program. Aside from the benefit of increasing both productivity and morale of employees, it is very convenient, enjoyable and produces immediate results.