Bar stools make interesting additions to your home, especially in the kitchen. Adults and children enjoy eating on counter tops sitting on them. There are stationary stools and swivel bar stools. Some come with a backrest and others do not. The practical and aesthetic appeals of stools have indeed gone beyond the "bar" or your typical pool hall and into the home. Swivel stools especially are easy favourites among anyone who loves to sit back and enjoy a delicious meal over a good conversation.

There might be a minor setback if after many years of use, you suddenly find your stool needing some repairs. There is no need to dispose them and spend a fortune on a new set. Swivel bar stool parts for replacement are widely available from your manufacturer as well as in online stores. You can find a lot of good deals online if you spend enough time looking.

Swivel Bar Stool Parts

Bar stools are characterized by their greater height compared to the ordinary chair. A footrest in the form of a circular ring or any metal fixture is installed to rest your feet on while sitting. Commonly made in metal or wood, stools may also come with armrests and padding on the seat surface. There are extra short and extra tall bar stools to go with all kinds of set up.

Swivel stools may come with metal plate bases that are bolted to the surface of the floor. Stationary stools may come with a swivel or not. For swivel bar stools, the swivel of course is a highly important mechanism. It functions so that the user can move the stool by up to a 360-degree angle. The swivel also controls the stool in such a way that it doesn't just loosely turn all the way around at the slightest push.

Reputable dealers of swivel bar stool parts may categorize their swivel products in two for flat and tilted types of swivel stools. Basically, flat swivels are for stools that do not come with back rests and tilted swivels are designed for stools that come with a backrest. Stool rings are available for sale in different sizes. As mentioned earlier, they serve to rest the user's feet on while sitting. These rings are usually made of steel with holes for attachment.

When you have parts that need replacing in a swivel stool, you would of course need some hardware to go with it. Sellers of swivel bar stool parts include these in their catalogues. Hardware may include bolts, screws, and nuts of different specifications. If you are doing the replacement yourself, study your stool model carefully before making a purchase.