One of the most important parts to any office that you are decorating is the chairs. The main reason for their importance is the fact that people will actually be using them and interacting with them directly. It is your first impression of your place of business. People that are coming in directly from the public get the feel of what you are trying to create in this area. It is very important that this first impression is professional as well as welcoming. You want people to feel at home when you are asking them to wait for you or your office practices. Reception chairs are very important to your interior design and it is important that you notice all the different kinds of chairs so that you are using them correctly.

Bench Chairs

This kind of reception chair is used when you have a limited space but a ton of people that you need to be able to have a seat. These are similar to the benches that you see at bus stations and in emergency rooms. Basically they are constructed of metal and or plastic and give off more of a cold feeling. They are definitely made to be more functional in the aspect of being able to seat mass amounts of people rather than being comfortable.

Connected Bench

This kind of chair is a perfect fit for offices that have a little bit more space but still care about peoples comfort, in case they have to be waiting for a long period of time. The main idea that is behind this chair is that they are basically plastic and metal chairs with back resets but share the same main frame. This is great if you do not want people to be able to move chairs around and you want them to keep the main chairs planted. These chairs do come with or without arm rests and are seen mainly like in airports. The feel of these chair are not very inviting but they do provide a nice clean look especially when you get them in finished fabrics or materials.

Stackable Chairs

These chairs are perfect to be used if you really do not have a ton of space to work with in your waiting room or reception office. The main benefit of this kind of chair is the fact that you can take as many chairs out that you will be using and set them up accordingly to what the demands are for that day. Then when you do not need them you can stack them up and put them in a closet or storage area until you need to use them again. This flexibility of stackable chairs is what makes them a great choice to use for your office or even your home.

Sofa Chairs

Finally one of the best but also one of the most expensive kinds of reception chairs is the sofa chairs. These are basically like mini sofas that are in two and three seaters that are scattered across your entire office. These are great if you want to have the most comfortable space and allow people to feel the most welcome. One thing to be cautious about is that they do seem to get more dirty than others and do require more clean up and maintenance than the other types of reception chairs. If you are able to have the room for this kind of chair I would strongly recommend looking into using this kind.

When it comes to decorating your home office these are the most important types of reception chairs that you can use to add just the right feel for your home. It is very important to design properly according to space available, type of office, type of decoration in your office and how you want people to feel for their first impression of their office.