One of the most popular brands in big and tall office chairs are made by ERA and out of this line of chairs is a high quality, highly rated chair called The Galaxy. This chair was specifically designed to be comfortable for the big and tall office worker.

What makes this chair so unique is the way that it is built. It is not an assembly line chair, but hand crafted; which gives it strength and endurance that you won't find in other office chairs. The reason this chair is highly rated by consumers is because of its detailing. Average office chairs are very basic and therefore not as comfortable, but The Galaxy chair is a masterpiece.

This chair is a special design for the big and tall person. It comes with deep floating cushioning that allow for maximum comfort. No high quality chair will come without a neck rest and the neck rest on this fine office chair is fully adjustable, making it easy to fit the needs of your body.

Many consumers have expressed that it felt this chair was made for their body alone and it is no wonder with all the features this chair has to offer. The arm rests are fully adjustable as is the height and seat dimensions.

The Galaxy is made with a lifetime warranty steel frame. It was built to hold up to a 500 pound capacity. The chair is able to rock and recline; which give greater mobility and comfort while in the office, and this big and tall chair is sure to please aesthetically with all the different covering options that are available. The chair comes in vinyl, fabric, leather, or any combination of these coverings.

Of course the price will vary depending on the covering and extra options you get for your big and tall office chair, but with so many choices you are sure to find the right chair to fit into your office. What is most important is that this chair was built with the larger frame in mind. It was designed to help prevent injuries and repetitive motion damage from being a chair that was not meant to support you.

Getting the right office chair is important for many reasons beyond just looks and comfort. When you have a chair that supports you and is sturdy you will work harder and feel better, which will not only make you happy but your employer.