A Panton chair is an original design of the famous furniture and interior designer Verner Panton, which was prepared during the 1960's, and still continues to be categorized as a timeless piece of furniture. The two basic features that make this piece so exceptional include the concept of using bright colors and its curvy, single flowing shape, allowing Verner's designs to be futuristic and innovative.

Initially, Herman Miller and Fehlbaum companies were responsible for its production, using a single piece of molded plastic and making it in varied bright colors. However, even after forty years of its introduction, now the Vitra Company is manufacturing it using hard foam plastic which is then painted with a gloss lacquer. It is available in three colors, namely red, white and black.

This classic item, which is one of the most popular designs of the 20th century, carries the name of the artist behind this creation. His fashion of design, based on the single form injection molded process, is a pioneering approach that Verner Panton has used for his chairs, including the Panton chair. It makes use of modern touches with Verner's own unique ideas and is easily identifiable as a continuous, one piece, and artistically curved work of genius in plastic, available in vibrant colors. This allows for this furniture piece to dominate any room boldly, at the same time giving a contemporary look.

Given the sort of demand, these chairs are produced for both children and adults, smaller versions for the former age category. These smaller versions are commonly known as Vitra Panton chairs. Panton chairs are also produced in different single colours depending on customer preferences. Moreover, not only do these chairs enhance one's décor, but also provide support to the user in terms of gaining relaxation from a comfortably curved back. Additionally, these chairs also serve the functionality purpose, along with the fact that they are distinctive pieces of art.

Owing to it demand, the design has been copied by many producers and is being sold at relatively lower prices in recent times. For this reason, it is important for potential buyers to keep in mind the differences and similarities between imitations and genuine Panton chairs.

Apart from the primary model of the Panton chair, another model designed by Verner Panton is called the Panton heart shaped cone chair that used a steel frame to support the cone and a heart shaped back. This and all other designs of chairs by the artist wowed the masses during the 60's, influencing modern art even to date.