You may have heard of the term 'ghost chair' yet never understood what it meant. Well one thing you can rest assured of is that it isn't invisible, so you can actually see it as well as touch it. Basically, these are transparent chairs which are made of plastic. Although they are originally devoid of any colors, solid and opaque colors can also be used in their making.

If you take a look at this type of chair, one thing you will notice is that it is quite similar to your regular plastic chair. However, take a look at the price tag and you will be shocked to see that a ghost chair's price isn't exactly as cheap. The price of this type of seating is attributed to its durability rather than design features. The polycarbonate material used in its making provides it with much strength, thus enabling it to handle heavy weight with ease.

If you're thinking of buying a ghost chair, always try looking for a chair manufactured by "Starck and Kartel". This is the main company that has been carrying out the designs of Philippe Starck, the founder of this type of seating. Although the classic Philippe Starck is the main model which you can buy, there are two other variations to this model and none of them are any less attractive or durable.

The first of these variations is the Victoria model. This is versatile in nature, thus can be matched with any chair. Plus, it lacks arms thus is trimmer and lighter. As for the other model, Louis ghost chairs are styled in Louis XV style from molded plastic. Both of these come in an array of colors despite their translucency, Thus, they are made to fit with any theme and to match any décor.

Aside from their unique designs and colors, this type of chair comes in different sizes. So, rather than seating only adults, children too can have fun in these chairs. Children will definitely enjoy sitting in their own designer seat. Plus, with these chairs' comfort-promoting design, kids and adults alike can work or relax in these with ease. However, one thing you should not underestimate is the price. Although these chairs look like regular seats, they are designer chairs, thus their prices won't be as cheap as regular plastic ones.

However, owning such a chair is definitely something you will like. So, the next time you head to the furniture store, ask to see a ghost chair and decide whether it suits your needs or not.