Swivel bar stools are high seats with long legs that reach the correct height for a person to sit at a bar or other high counter. Sitting on these stools is quite comfortable as they have a footrest and the person can swivel around and face whatever direction he pleases. These stools became very popular and people started adding them to their home d?cor and now they are available in different heights so that they are suitable for different counter heights. The swivel bar stool also became popular in the outdoor setting and many people like to have them by the poolside, patios, and garden.

Outdoor swivel bar stools should be durable and weatherproof so that they can withstand the different extremities outdoors. When shopping for outdoor swivel bar stools give due consideration to the material it is made up of. Stools made of aluminum are a good choice as the metal is highly durable and does not rust when it gets wet. These stools will also be quite light and easy to move around which is a requisite in outdoor settings.

Outdoor swivel bar stools will get exposed to a lot of heat from direct sunlight, rain, snow, dust and cold. If you are choosing something other than aluminum, then wrought iron is another option. Although quite durable these stools are very heavy and cannot be moved around easily. Secondly they will need regular painting, if they are continuously exposed to outside weather. But wrought iron outdoor swivel bar stools come in a variety of designs and look very elegant compared to the aluminum ones.

Another favorite is wooden outdoor swivel bar stools, as they blend very nicely in an outdoor setting. The wood lends a rustic charm and you can get a variety of designs in wood. You need to go in for teak, pine or cedar, as these types of wood repel moisture to quite a degree and will last longer when exposed to outdoor climates. It is advisable to take them indoors during extreme weather like storms and heavy rains. These stools will require regular wiping and a polish application once a year.

Molded plastic is another variety of outdoor swivel bar stools, but they lack durability and charm, but are quite cheap.

The outdoor swivel bar stool is an ideal sitting arrangement for your garden parties or barbeques. They offer comfortable seating and at the same time do not crowd the place too much.