Bar stools are practical items to have in the home. They provide an informal seating area for people to enjoy casual dining or entertaining, and they add that perfect finishing touch to a home bar. They don't take up a lot of space, making them ideal for cramped apartments. However, bar stools definitely have more uses than just basic seating.

Bar stools made of wood or wrought iron become perfect plant stands. Bar stools are high enough to create a sort of pedestal for the plant so the plant can be positioned near the window at direct sunlight. Furthermore, because a bar stool is so high, it creates a natural display for the plant.

Areas in your home that need small accent tables but don't have the space for them could possibly make due with bar stools. Bar stools made of metal, iron or wood and with perfectly flat seats make suitable small tables, particularly for corners or tight spaces. It gives people a surface to rest a drink upon or to leave a book. Depending on the design, the natural height of a bar stool may make it look like a postmodern style of table.

Many bar stools have seats that rotate all the way around. Aside from providing kids with hours of enjoyment spinning themselves dizzy, such bar stools can help you complete projects more efficiently. For example, if you're decorating a cake, place it on a spinning bar stool so you can easily turn the cake and add adornments without disturbing it. You can do this with other craft projects: A bar stool can help you complete detailed work around an item that needs attention on all sides and angles. For example, if you're painting or otherwise working on a dollhouse, a spinning bar stool act sort of like a lazy Susan and helps you work all around it.

If you have a household that includes a feline friend, your cat may enjoy the bar stool as a place to climb and jump upon. Cats often fall asleep in high places, such as bookshelves or cupboards, as hanging out on such areas gives them a sense of security and a place to watch the world go by. Position a bar stool by a window so your cat can see the passing sights from that high vantage point. Alternatively, place it by a lower table so your cat can have fun jumping from one surface level to another. If possible, place a cushion with fabric ties onto the stool to make the spot more comfortable.