tub chair is probably one of the most comfortable chairs available. When you sit in a tub chair, you get a sense of grandeur and authority, and you feel as if you are sitting in a mini throne even though big back rest is missing. Probably, that is the reason why tub chairs are found in most gentlemen clubs throughout the world. As they are very popular in a Club, they are also known as club chairs.

One can find these chairs in a hotel's lobby too. The tub chairs are purchased by people for their home also as they go well in a drawing room as well as a bedroom. It seems that tub seating chairs are omnipresent. They are about 400 year old and their design is very simple. Their classical style and comfort they offer, has made them very popular.

High arm rest of these chairs and their deep seated position gives perfect and most relaxing sitting experience, and that must be the reason why businessmen prefer to recline on it while reading newspaper or magazine. They are found in libraries also to enable relaxed reading. Their comfort offering abilities will generate a place for tub chairs even in a night club!

Unlike conventional chairs, tub chairs due to their low back are suitable to be placed in drawing room below windows so that maximum light enters the room. Thus tub seat chairs also help in saving of energy. Since the club seat chairs are available in light and fresh color fabric as well as in leather, they are very handy for interior designers for decorating a room.

The modern tub setting chairs are made by making use of plastic, aluminum, chrome and wood to give them contemporary look. Use of plastic in modern tub chairs makes them easy to maintain clean and gives them extra durability. With use of plastic, it is possible to have a tub style chair that matches fixtures and that is fitting of the room decor.

It is possible to give it an exotic look when a light colored fabric chair is used with a dark color cushion placed on it. Choosing simple colors that match well with many dark colors will allow a user to change the cushion cover and create a totally new look for not only the chair but also the room.

Tub chairs with sunken seating position, high arm rest and low back are available in almost every furniture shop. Prices will vary with material used, design and style. One thing is for sure, a tub chair is always available for everyone to suit their budget.