One of the better types of office chairs are the office swivel chairs. These have started to become quite trendy in many offices and home businesses as well. Basically they have a small action on each side along with traction up and down. It is much easier so sit in such a chair compared to the older, traditional styles that we've all been used to before.

There is a technology involved in creating the swivel chair which consists of a pneumatic seat adjustment that replaces physical cranks that allows for better seat height control. Also this makes for a full 360 degree swivel, a recline lock and a chair recline and tension. All these features make the swivel chairs much higher quality furniture pieces than anything else seen before.

Also they are much more comfortable to sit in and they're far simpler to use. In addition they are safer and let's face it, they look much better as well. When it comes to ergonomic office chairs, the swivel ones have this feature fully. Nowadays the swivel motion in chairs has actually been seen in other chair types as well such as in kitchen chairs, dining room chairs and pub stools among others.

The fact that they have such a sleek design makes them favorites by many who have small offices or only corners of rooms since these furniture pieces don't take much space at all.

There are many regular businesses nowadays that have started to replace their regular types with swivel ones since they have recognized their use and benefits to their employees. With less health related complains (such as back pains), employees are taking less sick leave and are happier sitting longer hours in their chairs doing the daily work. So for company management, replacing older chairs with the office swivel chairs is well worth the one off cost.