If you are in the process of redesigning your office reception area it may seem like a mighty task just knowing where to start. After all if you get it right, the office reception furniture can be used to make an impressive first and lasting impression of your business

Having a clear idea about the kind of style you want to create makes it easier and faster to then select each item of office furniture. However, creating the right impression is not just about the reception furniture as you also need to consider colour themes and materials.

Office Furniture for your Reception Area 
An office reception area is typically made up of an office furniture reception desk and a reception seating area.When choosing a desk you need to find a model that ticks the right boxes for size and style, also consider whether you would like to greet your visitors from a high desk or a more informal low desk.

Considering the Disabled Discrimination Act, you will be expected at the very minimum to have a low level section to your reception desk in order for a wheelchair user to communicate with the receptionist. If space allows, this low level section should also have a recessed vertical panel below so that the wheelchair user can get closer to the desk in order to have access to a writing surface. Again, space permitting, the turning circle of the wheelchair user should be allowed for within the reception space plan.

Reception Seating 
Your choice for reception seating is really determined by the size and use of your reception. A seating group made up of a couple of tub chairs and an office sofa may be the best solution for your room, or does the space call for a large sofa that also acts as an eye catching centre piece?

Contemporary reception furniture is now available to suit all budgets, just remember to select functional furniture with sleek lines. However, if your budget allows, throw in a few classic designer pieces to create an up-to-date look that won't grow old.

For a classic, traditional style you can search for antique pieces or save both time and money by sourcing high quality reproduction furniture. A personal and informal reception style is achieved by selecting furniture pieces that look more like furniture used in the home.

Selecting colours for walls, floors, furniture and soft furnishing, can be daunting as it is sometimes difficult to visualise the finished result. Using corporate colours in your reception can help strengthen your brand and create an individual style. Office furniture reception desks and seating are now available in lots of colours and shades; an easy way to introduce colours is painting an accent wall to match.

Colours are important for achieving the right style too. Warmer shades and patterned fabric will create a cosy modern feel. For a contemporary look, choose minimalist white, on its own, or with vibrant accent colours on walls or prints. For a traditional reception, lighter natural shades are normally used on the walls to break with the use of darker furniture.

You can keep costs low by choosing melamine for your reception counter and fabric seating is normally cheaper than leather. Hardwearing leather can however be suitable for a busy reception and easier to keep clean from coffee stains etc. For a traditional look and feel use brown and green leather sofas together with desks and tables made of darker wood such as mahogany and walnut.

In a modern reception, lighter furniture made of maple, oak and beech, are easy to combine with your chosen colours and patterns for seating, cushions and curtains. A more contemporary design usually incorporates glass tables, glossy surfaces and stainless steel effects.

Perhaps now you are ready to start creating your reception mood board with images of suitable furniture, fabrics and colours? With that in hand you are better equipped to create a functional reception that also reflects the company's style and ambiance.