There are a lot of different office chairs for the big and tall office worker. Having the right chair for your body is going to help prevent injuries and keep you more comfortable in the office. Getting the right chair is just as important as having the right software to do your job well. There have been a lot of advancements in office chairs designed for big and tall people. This is good news because no two people are the same and it is important that you get a chair that is the most comfortable for your body.

One of the most popular brands of office chairs are made by the company ERA. These chairs come in many different styles, colors, and shapes. You are sure to find a chair that you like and will work for you made by ERA.

A great chair that is under the ERA label is called Pacifica. This is a comfortable designer chair that is designed to safely and comfortably support up to 500 pounds. It comes in a sturdy base with wheels to make movement at your desk easy. It is fully adjustable to make sure that you get it set at just the right places for your body.

It is a larger chair which allows for it to be roomy, but it is also compact enough that it will fit into virtually any office. It is not made in assembly line manufacturing; which allows each one to be crafted perfectly. The arm rests not only adjust for your needs, but completely flip up which makes getting into and out of the office chair simple and easy.

The Pacifica chair made by ERA comes in a wide variety of colors including; black, navy, taupe, burgundy, and vanilla. It is available in vinyl, leather, fabric, or a combination of two or more, so aesthetically you are sure to get a chair that you like the look of. The steel base is available in the standard size or can be increased to 30 inches at a small increased rate. The same is true of the arms; which can be ordered at either the standard adjustable settings or a higher adjustment.

The ERA brand is known for their high quality and designer looking style. With the choices available through the ERA brand you are going to find a chair that will not only help you feel comfortable during your work day, but that you will like the look of as well.