If you are planning to purchase a new garden bench shortly, consider the following important factors that you must consider before making your purchase.

A wood garden bench or a metal garden bench? 
Which type is best for you?

Garden Lovers will find choosing your garden bench as important as choosing your sofa. Whether your garden is big or small, with or without views,  choosing the right seat will ensure you hours of pleasure within your own sanctuary!

You may want to create a focal point with an attractive garden bench or alternatively you might simply be looking for a comfortable outdoor chair that can be used as a relaxing outdoor retreat hidden away from other people in a secret spot in your garden.

The material in which your bench is made from will vastly be determined by the function of this bench. i.e if you are looking to use your bench regularly it will need to be comfortable. If however your bench is more about design and the overall look of your garden comfort won't be top on your list when seeking out the perfect bench!

One of the most important factors when buying an outdoor bench is to make sure that it is good quality as your bench will have to survive outdoors and withstand all different kinds of weather. Make sure that  your new garden bench is made from weather resistant materials and check how much maintenance the manufacturers suggest your bench needs each year in order to keep it in tip top shape. Some furniture will be made of more than one material.

For some teak is the ideal material, it is extremely durable and will last for generations. As soon as you purchase this type of bench apply an oil or stain to protect the wood. It will then only require a good wash down once a year.

Another option is Cedar, this type of wood is naturally insect resistant and will age beautifully into a stunning silver grey wood. Again I would advise you to firstly stain or apply oil to your new bench. The Red's or whites of Cedar benches tend to blend magnificently into your gardens colour scheme. As with Teak this will require an annual wash down.

Redwoods vary in shades and their beautiful reddish brown shades make them extremely popular. Redwood can be sealed or left to weather. It has an outdoor lifespan similar to Cedar.

Pine and Poplar can also be used but do bear in mind these types of wood are not weather resistant and will require some form of finish. Paint is probably the best option for these types of wood is you are looking to purchase a pine or poplar bench.

Look out for an FSC stamp when buying wooden products. This accreditation stands for the Forest Stewardship Council and guarantees that the wood has been sourced from a sustainable well managed forest. Some products may be FSC 100% but mostly they guarantee 70% of the products material has come from a sustainable source.

Cast Aluminum, will last a life time and probably your child's and grandchild's too! This type of garden bench will need to be repainted every couple of years. The cheapest type of garden bench is one made of plastic either polypropylene or PVC. Plastic benches will last a good length of time but are not as aesthetically appealing on the eye or as durable as wooden or metal alternatives.

If the end whatever your budget and reasons behind purchasing a bench there are plenty on the market. With enough out there to suit every person wishing to enjoy their garden!