Modern conference chairs are available in many shapes and sizes. There are so many choices of material and colour that you will not be short of options. Ensuring that you have enough seating for the coming conference season is always prudent. You might want to make purchases during sale or end of line special offers particularly if you are refurbishing or need replacements. Obviously, a good quality chair will cost more but it will last longer and be more comfortable for delegates.

View the latest designs in stacking conference chairs online or in specialist stores. The chairs stack neatly and make the most of whatever space you have for storage - always at a premium. Storage of stackable chairs is so much easier than those which do not stack and consideration should be given to where you will store your chairs. Several things will need to be considered when purchasing your stacking chairs, the overall quality is important and they need to have a robust construction, from strong hard wearing materials. Do not buy flimsy, wobbly chairs as that would be a disaster. Even if you have a limited budget, buy the best quality you can afford. Comfort is vital. Remember delegates will be sitting in these chairs for perhaps up to 4 hours at a time, so the chair needs to be well constructed and cushioned.

It is useful to have an idea of what style you might like as you will then be better placed to make a choice. Do not be inflexible though, you may find a style you had not considered or did not know about suits your needs better. You should have plenty of choice regarding colour and if you have an existing colour scheme, it should be possible to co-ordinate easily. Metal conference chairs should be made from a robust metal such as stainless steel and which have, preferably, been ergonomically designed to give the best possible support. There are many choices of chair also manufactured from wood or plastic and if you choose either of these chairs, do make sure they are strongly made will stand the rigours of conference life. There are of course luxury models in conference chairs and these will be very comfortable, hard wearing but expensive.

When choosing your conference chairs, do make sure they conform to your country's safety regulations and that they are fire resistant and non toxic. Every country has their own set of standards and your supplier has a legal duty to ensure that stock conforms to such standards. However, you must also take care to ensure your new chairs are up to current standards and approved. Also make sure that your new chairs stack snugly and are easy to stack and unstack, after all, you might only have a few staff to set up or dismantle and it needs to be done quickly and efficiently. As a business, you also want repeat customers, so comfort and quality are very important and you need to ensure that your clients are well catered for.