When it calls for comfort then it is the Mission style bar stool that fits the role. They are comfortable and they have clean and clear lines with really authentic and classical handmade appearance.

This Mission style bar stool have been manufactured and sold for over 150 years and it is a well loved and popular piece of furniture enjoyed by people around the world, especially people who are antique collectors or who are simple interested in owning antiques.  These pieces of furniture are priceless and are crafted to last long, with excellent quality and timeless beauty.

The Mission style bar stool  can be made in black, mahogany, oak,  walnut, cherry, natural, and a variety of other colors and various types of wood and offer an array decorating options for your home or even a tastefully decorated office. This style of bar stool also come in finished or unfinished wood. This gives the buyer the option of using his/her creativity to pain it in various colour and use fabric seat cushion to match other furniture in the home or in the office.

They are very popular pieces of furniture because of its beautifull upholding straight lines and angles and the surfaces, and seatbacks with vertical slats enhances it's overall effect. A Mission style bar stool has a very sophisticated and classical look that can create a lot of emphasis in any room and make a room fit for royalty. The Mission style bar stool adds grace, adventure, a sense of nostalgia and elegance to rooms and they are crafted with just that thought in mind; to create timeless elegance in hand crafted furniture.

Mission bar stools are useful in homes, offices and even bars or cafes. They create a sense of free-for-all inviting ambiance to the atmosphere it is placed. One may think these stools hold some mystic power but if you look at them they are plan, simple, neat and made to withstand and endure aging. Rustic, timeless and enduring quality is the words that come to mind when you think of buying your own Mission style bar stool.

The mission style bar stool can recreate and bring back nostalgic memories of a bygone era and give one's home a feeling and appreciation of a simpler, less complex lifestyle.

These elegant pieces of furniture can be found easily in antique shops, furniture shops and on online stores. These bar stools are very popular and come in different colours, styles and types of upholstery. One can easily find a Mission style bar stool that fits the budget, style and other furniture with out much of a hassle. Manufacturers know the need and demand for these bar stools, therefore you must be very careful as some are over priced and the material used is inferior.