When selecting a mid back leather chair either for a professional atmosphere or comfort at home, there are several considerations that need to be made to ensure the optimal choice is made. The days of simply trying chairs in a furniture shop until you find one that "feels comfortable" and is priced within range are nearing obsolescence as modern furniture design and ergonomics become increasingly common. While a chair may feel right from the moment you sit down, the long term comfort and support are key factors that must be considered. Beyond long term comfort come leather style, back support, and even often overlooked features such as feet that grip the floor firmly for rock steady performance, easy rolling wheels for those who prefer mobility in their chair. There are hundreds of different types of mid back leather chairs in the marketplace from many different providers, however knowing the right questions to ask will ensure the right selection, as well as the long term health of the user's back.

The first, and arguably most important qualification of a mid back leather chair is the balance between comfort and long term support. First impressions are often the strongest, and in the case of a mid back leather chair, this impression could result in lower back pain much earlier in life. In general, softer chairs have a more plush feeling, and are often considered by many to be "more comfortable". This may be fine if your chair is to be used in a home office where computing sessions never reach the two hour mark, however this type of chair serves little purpose in a nine-to-five office world with prolonged periods of sitting and immobility. Modern chairs often come with a rating, ranging from short term sitting, to sessions lasting as much as eight hours. While back health is important, it's also vital to remember that much of your life will be spent in this chair if you choose to use it professionally, and that comfort does not have to be completely sacrificed for proper support.

All in all, when purchasing a mid back leather chair, the balance between comfort and support are most valuable. Most other options such as style, price, and mobility factors are often up to personal preference, and really can't be judged by an outside party. While appearances are important and matching office d?cor is vital to those seeking uniformity, nobody should make any concession about the health of their back. A well built chair can last for decades, and is well worth shopping around for a perfect match.