Mesh office chairs craftsmanship is owed to Herman Miller who boasted the first of its kind in the early 1990's.  Proclaimed virtuoso artists spring from everywhere giving declaration that they have spawned something new; innovative, the "next big thing".  However, behind all the hoopla, eastern Europe is quietly full of artists who create works of fantasy coupled with disparity to project the hurt, loss, and mass control during the reign of the U.S.S.R.

Mesh office chairs may be considered an indirect result of this movement.  It was during the late 1980's when Reagan demanded Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" (at that time I thought the most important central figure in the world was Captain Crunch) and because of it, the satellite states were no longer under rule of the "iron curtain". 

Contemporary craftsmanship has sprung up in eastern European states such as Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Most of their focus is on the embellishment of home through furniture.  Their sui generis approach of whimsical story-telling design is evident in the production of the mesh back office chair.  In their unique designs one can view a combination of bleakness with vivid imagination, something hard to come by with any creation.  Some of their drab colors and offbeat structure is likened to the initial mesh office chairs first brought to market. 

Is it possible to link a correlation between eastern European art (particularly in furniture) and mesh office chairs?  Both give the impression of the surreal living art movement which compliment the quirky home or office atmosphere filled with decorative plaques.

Eastern Europe is not seclusive in their art movement and in fact, a growing trend is occurring in the United States.  Though most mesh office chairs manufacturers are located in the United States, the growing trend in ergonomics and proper body posture has allowed for some small businesses to convert to corporations such as Germany's Topstar. 

Though it may be an indirect result, mesh office chairs are a growing trend in the art-deco design which is incorporated by much of the eastern European artistry.  Because the latter seems to be rising in popularity, it seems only logical that mesh office chairs will continue to expand in the global marketplace also.