When you're in the market to purchase a computer chair, you may find yourself wanting a mesh chair. There are plenty of chairs out there, but what sets a mesh chair above the rest?


  • A mesh chair generally has a mesh back, making it extremely comfortable.
  • It's great for airing out your back. If you're one to sweat a lot, you're going to find that these chairs are a god send, making it feel nice and cool.
  • Great padding makes it great for your back. While many chairs have no padding, a mesh chair have great padding to make it feel great throughout the day. This is great for those that sit in their chair all day long.


From what I have also seen, you're going to find that they are comfortable compared to most. Not only that, they have a very sleek design that will make any office look good. If you're looking for something cool for your office, or home to make it more modern, you will want to consider something such as this.

I did some research on some of the best mesh chairs and here's what I came up with as a list.


  • Office Furniture in a Flash Computer Chair (around $78)
  • Everlast Furniture Mid-Back Adjustable (around $90)
  • Everlast Mid Back w/ arms (around $110)