Adjustment Instructions for Maxi Range Chairs

When seated in your chair there are several adjustments to make. Always make sure that all moveable parts are at their minimum position before you start and work your way through the instructions below.

Gas Height and Synchro Mechanism

The front, torpedo-like, lever on the right side is both the adjustment for the height of the seat and the synchro mechanismwhich adjusts the angle of the back and seat. Use this to:

  • Raise the seat by lifting the lever when not seated.
  • Lower the seat by lifting the lever when seated.
  • Turning this lever clockwise and leaning back and then forward slightly unlocks the synchro mechanism. (This is where the back moves in direct relation to the angle of the seat). Using your weight in the seat to adjust the angle of the seat, find your ideal seat angle. This will automatically adjust the back angle in proportion to the seat. Then turn the lever anticlockwise to lock this in position. If you require the seat and back to move when you move, do not lock the back in position but use the weight tensioner to balance your weight against the resistance of the chair (see below).

Sliding Seat

The back lever on the right is the sliding seatto increase the seat depth.

  • Turn the lever clockwise, slide the seat out then turn the lever anti-clockwise to lock into position

Weight Tension

The lever on the left side of the seat adjusts the weight taken to balance against your weight. This increases or decreases the resistance on the back according to your need.

  • First you need to have the synchro mechanism unlocked then lean forward so there is no weight on the mechanism. (See synchro mechanism above)
  • Then turn the lever clockwise a notch at a time until the back adjusts to suit.

Ratchet Back Height Adjustment

  • To raise the back, lift with both hands from the bottom of the back.

  • To lower, push the back up to its highest point. This will release the ratchet mechanism and the back will go back to its lowest point.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

All Maxi chairs have a 2-way Shukra® lumbar. Once the back height has been adjusted to the to your ideal position the Shukra® lumbar can be adjusted to ‘fine tune’ the back support. This lumbar should be adjusted whilst in a seated position, resting gently against the back of the chair. There is a handwheel below the arms on each side of the seat:

  • Turn the right handwheel clockwise to adjust the back lumbar in and out.
  • Turn the left handwheel clockwise to adjust the back lumbar up or down.
  • Adjust both until you find the ideal fit for you.


The head-rest is adjustable up and down, forward and back.