I would like to talk about an electric massage chair I bought for my parents several years ago. My parents are almost sixty and they constantly have pain in their back. As you know, massage is very helpful to relieve muscles stress and ease off the pain. When I stayed at home, I used to give them a massage and it worked quite well. However, I can’t accompany them all the time because of work. One day, I was shopping in a department store, and I was attracted by a leather massage chair. The chair is office-style chair with footrest, which also has the thermal heater built in. It says the chair can massage the back, neck and shoulders to melt away stiffness. After one day shopping, I was so exhausted that sat on the chair and turned the power on immediately. Just after a few minutes, I began to feel very relaxed and fresh. The chair heated my body and vibrated smoothly to release all the stress. It was so comfortable that I even fell asleep on the chair. After I got off from the chair, I realized that it is a perfect gift for my parents. The massage chair can take care of them when I am absence. Therefore, I bought this massage chair without any hesitate. Because the massage chair was quite expensive, my parents were not happy at the beginning. Actually, it was the most expensive thing I bought by that time. However, after tried the massage chair, they began to fall in love with it. Now their back problem becomes much better, so I think it is the best furniture I have ever bought. It does not only ease my parents’ back pain, but also makes me less guilty for being absence from them.