The Barber Chair, one of the most durable chairs around, is a specially-made chair which as indicated by its name, is made for barber shops, where persons generally go to get a haircut, a hairdo or a shave.

It is a comfortably-made seat with a footrest and headrest in which a patron can get a haircut or shave in comfort and ease. A person can literally relax in one of these chairs, so much so, that they can easily forget they're not at home sitting in their Reclining Chair, but at a local barbershop.

Few people even think of all the work that goes into constructing a barber chair, because, as indicated earlier, it's not an ordinary chair. But it is a work that requires a lot of time and a lot of skill as well.

Barber chairs are generally made with leather and metal. Some are even made of pure mahogany wood. They are made in factories by skilled artisans who know their craft very well. The work is mainly done by hand. They know where all the connecting parts goes. Some have the job of making the leather part of the chair, others add the metal and woodworkers add the wooden part of the chair.

The base or the foundation of the chair is usually securely set first in the floor. Once it is secured, then the swiveled seat part with the armrests is attached, which is screwed into place. The headrest is finally added. The purpose of the headrest is for hair washing and easy access to combing the patron's hair from various angles.

The chair is convertible. It can be adjusted to height, which is controlled by a foot-operated jack, it can also rotate and lean backwards as well.

As was mentioned at the onset, these chairs are durable, or made to last. Some barbershops have literally used the same the same chair with new upholstery for years, even decades, which testifies to its longevity, since barber chairs are rarely replaced.

Barber chairs are not cheap. Since they are made for industrial purposes, they can be very costly; they can run anywhere from $1200 to over $2200 dollars or more, depending on the name brand, design and the location where it was made. Most barber chairs are made in the U.S., but some have been made as far as Italy.

So the next time you go for that haircut or shave or hairdo, just remember all the hard work done on that comfortable chair you're sitting in.